Sharjah World Book Capital 2019



On 23 April 2019, World Book and Copyright Day, the city of Sharjah was inaugurated by UNESCO as the World Book Capital for 2019, under the recommendation of two advisory committee members, the International Publishers Association (IPA), and the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

Titled the City of Knowledge, Sharjah’s designation marked the culmination of a decade of very hard work in developing and fostering the local and regional publishing industry and promoting literacy, forging its identity further as a hub for international publishers to convene and deliberate, at its book fairs and conferences.

In recognition of the title, Kalimat Foundation celebrated with children on two separate occasions. First, a visit to Al Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, in September 2019 and the donation of books under the Pledge a Library banner. Sharjah’s achievement was further honoured during the subsequent World Braille Day Event on 4 January 2020, where awareness of the blind and visually impaired, their roles in leadership and the development of their capabilities in reading was highlighted.

Sharjah chosen by UNESCO as World Book Capital 2019

Kalimat Foundation celebrated Sharjah’s inauguration as UNESCO World Book Capital 2019 with two events under the umbrellas of its two initiatives, ‘Ara‘ and ‘Pledge a Library‘.

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