In September 2017, marking the Islamic Eid Al Adha festival, the Pledge a Library initiative brought a team from Kalimat Foundation for a second time to northern Jordan, to Mrajeeb Al Fhood, also known as Emirati-Jordanian refugee camp.

The mission sought to deliver the joy of the occasion amongst its 2,000 children, displaced from homes and estranged from families and homelands. Having donated books on the first occasion, the objective was to turn a subsequent desire for new gift books and toys into reality.

Through generous sponsorship by individuals and corporate donors in the United Arab Emirates, the foundation was able to deliver the children’s wishes. As they woke up on the morning of Eid to find joy in the myriad books and toys presented, it was not just a wholly uplifting experience, but also a restoration of faith; a signal that sometimes in life, desires can transpire to into reality.

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