My Super Hero

The first few years were a nightmare. I didn’t know what to do or how to handle him. I blamed myself a lot for bringing to life this helpless creature who was destined to live in darkness. I felt defeated until I was reminded that in Islam we believe God does not burden any soul beyond its capacity. God thinks that it is in my capacity to help this child. So I learned Braille language and I was determined to teach it to him too so he can see the world through books. Now he is 8 and keeps asking me to bring him new books about adventures and superheroes, but it’s very difficult because it’s hard for me to find them and if found are expensive to buy. One night a friend who was helping me locate resources online stumbled across Kalimat Foundation, so I sent them asking for help with no expectation of a reply. They reached out and ended up sending him a collection of books in Braille and audio format for which we are forever indebted and thankful. He still enjoys the books they sent but is obsessed with one in particular about a superhero, little does he know that he is my brave little hero.

Sara, Jordan, 34 Years old Mother of a blind child

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