Kalimat Foundation Strengthens Social Bonds between Visually Challenged Children and Community at SCRF 2022

Date Posted 23 May 2022

Furthering its mission to empower differently-abled children by creating a more inclusive society for them and providing them with knowledge in accessible formats, Kalimat Foundation, the UAE-based global nonprofit, organised ‘World Feast', a unique workshop at the 13th Sharjah Children's Reading Festival (SCRF), focused on creating more integrated and inclusive communities for the UAE's young generations.

Organised in partnership with the Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired, the workshop, targeting children in the 5 – 10 years age group, was led by children's book author and storyteller Samya Ayesh who began the session by asking the workshop's participants – a mixed gathering of young children who are visually impaired and those who can see – about what each one of them would like to become when they grow up. The workshop presented a key opportunity for the two groups of children to forge social bonds and highlighted the importance of inclusive community settings which are accessible to all its members, without exception.

The peer-to-peer discussions were followed by Ayesh's reading of World Feast – one of homegrown publisher Kalimat Group's high-quality Arabic language titles. The story is led by a young protagonist who shares innocent reflections about his dream to become a chef to make the world a better place. How? With a delicious recipe that will make people forget about the many problems we face today.
Soon after, the aspiring chefs tried their hand at dessert making. After putting on special aprons distributed by Kalimat Foundation, the participants handcrafted date truffles, helping each other out.

As part of its participation in SCRF 2022, Kalimat Foundation featured the foundations journey in simple words and drawings on its pavilion's walls, making learning and knowledge welcoming and fun for the festival's young visitors.
The foundation also showcased its products at the pavilion, with the entire proceeds dedicated to its initiative to make knowledge sources accessible to vulnerable and visually disabled children.

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