Kalimat Foundation Celebrates World Braille Day: A Blend of Creativity and Accessibility

Date Posted 05 Mar 2024

Kalimat Foundation's Ara initiative celebrates World Braille Day with a doll-making workshop for visually impaired children, showcasing the fusion of humanity and innovation.

In a move that merges humanity and innovation, the Kalimat Foundation's Ara initiative celebrated World Braille Day by holding a workshop for visually impaired and blind children. This initiative was brought to life in collaboration with the Emirates Association of the Visually Impaired. The event was graced by the presence of Noura bin Hadda, the creator of the 'La Vie Dolls' project, which is known for its creative and inclusive approach towards children.

Workshop Delights: Storytelling and Doll-Making

The workshop was meticulously divided into two segments. The first segment featured a storytelling session led by Dr. Lamya Tawfik. The chosen story was 'My Doll's Eyes' by Obada Takla, a tale that accentuates themes of cooperation and innovation. The second part was an engaging doll-making session, facilitated by Noura bin Hadda and the Kalimat Foundation team. The sessions aimed to foster creativity among the children, stimulating their imagination in an inclusive and fun environment.

Kalimat Foundation: A Pioneer in Accessible Publishing

The Kalimat Foundation enjoys the unique distinction of being the first UAE non-profit to secure publishing rights under the Marrakesh Treaty. This allows them to provide accessible published works for the visually impaired without any copyright infringement. Through initiatives like Ara, the foundation has been able to reach out to visually impaired and blind children across 11 countries in 46 different locations.

The Future of Assistive Technology

As we move forward, the world of assistive technology continues to evolve. The Ara initiative is among the tech startups eligible to participate in CES 2024, the world's largest consumer electronics fair, in Las Vegas. The event will see the Ara initiative, along with other Turkish technology entrepreneurs, showcasing their innovative products. The Turkish Delegation at CES 2024 is expected to consist of 150 people, including 50 Turkish technology startups. Among the products to be displayed will be the smart cane initiative for visually impaired children, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to aid and empower the visually impaired community.

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