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How we work


Kalimat Foundation for Children’s Empowerment is leading the way in reading-based therapy and in offering psychological and social therapy through books. Traumatised children often find it difficult to talk, difficult to process what they have experienced. They may have faced war, displacement, separation from parents and siblings, even death. They may not understand what has happened to them and the world can seem a dark and troubling place. The Kalimat Foundation believes that stories can provide a refuge, can unlock feelings and can aid the journey to recovery. It works with trained counsellors who use books and the power of stories to build trust with children and help them understand what has happened to them.


The Foundation believes that reading helps alleviate anxiety and feelings of hopelessness among children, particularly in conflict areas; in order to put this belief into practice, it collaborates with specialised teams to provide unique educational programmes through parent-oriented and teacher-oriented workshops.

We have all experienced the power of a story to help understand our own feelings. The Kalimat Foundation believes that through stories children can be lifted to a better place. Through its work it hopes to improve the psychological and emotional rehabilitation of these children to enable them to integrate into mainstream society.